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There are SmashCakes and then there are Sydney SmashCakes

What do you get when you replace a traditional sponge cake with a piñata? You get the newest smash hit at any party, wedding, baby shower and just about any celebration that deserves a bit of fun.


A cake that allows you and your friends to grab your chocolate dome-smashing tool you think of and take aim. Sydney Smash Cakes HK is here to break the tradition and give the usual birthday cake a fun and interactive twist.

Sydney Smash Cakes first started in Sydney, Australia about a year ago and now it has over 54,000 followers on Instagram. These made-to-order SmashCakes have been a hit at over hundreds of celebrations and parties, and hidden tons of sweets and treats inside the tempting chocolate domes.

With all the creative and fun ideas in mind, we have created everything from Santa’s reindeers to dreamy unicorns. Each SmashCake weighs up to a massive 2 - 3 kg, and we make sure every customers and corporate clients enjoy each handmade piece.  As a group of self-confessed chocoholics, we love watching every smashing videos that shared by our customers. Seeing everyone gathers around the table and smashing it hard with their favorite tools give us excitement and definitely take the party to the next level.

So why not ditch the sponge cake for a SmashCake when you have your next party and